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Anthony Bellotti - Composer - Sound Engineer - Audio Engineer

A composer (Latin com+ponere, literally “one who puts together”) is a person who creates music, either by musical notation or oral tradition, for interpretation and performance, or through direct manipulation of sonic material through electronic media. The level of distinction between composers and other musicians varies, which affects issues such as copyright and the deference given to individual interpretations of a particular piece of music

From Trios and Minuets to cinematic scores to techno to heavy metal to hip hop to infinite and beyond, Anthony Bellotti composes various genres of music, all with the same passion.  He utilizes MIDI samplers and various synthesizers to create unique and expressive music that can complement almost anything.

Do you have a video game that needs some electronic ambient pop music?  No problem.  Do you have a scary short film that needs an eerie orchestral score to build the tension?  He’s got you covered.  Even if you want to take someone on a journey to another country or place in time, Anthony Bellotti can make music to match it.  If you’re wondering what Japanese folk fused with hip hop sounds like, or maybe a mix of medieval instruments and futuristic synthesizers, just go on over to the Demo page and have a listen.

Anthony will also make music custom for you. Just give a holler on the contacts page!

What is a composer?:

A composer is someone who writes a music piece for theatre, tv, radio, film, computer games and other areas where music is needed. The music should be properly notated so as to guide the musician/s properly.

What does a composer do?:

The main task of the composer is to write an original composition for a specific project. The piece will then be performed by a musician or an ensemble. The composer makes sure that the music suits the project; as in the case of film scores where the music should help move the story without overpowering the scene. The music he writes may be instrumental or have lyrics and may be in various styles such as classical, jazz, country or folk.

What educational background should a composer have?:

Most composers have strong backgrounds in music theory, composition, orchestration and harmony. However, there are many composers who don’t have formal training.