As a composer, audio engineer and sound designer Anthony Bellotti provides a variety of services related to the creation and production of high quality music and audio compositions used in various forms of online and offline media presentations including television, commercial venues and movies.


Anthony Bellotti - Composer - Audio Engineer - Sound Designer

From Trios and Minuets to cinematic scores to techno to heavy metal to hip hop to infinity and beyond, Anthony Bellotti composes various genres of music, all with the same passion.  He utilizes MIDI samplers and various synthesizers to create unique and expressive music that can complement almost anything.

Do you have a video game that needs some electronic ambient pop music?  No problem.  Do you have a scary short film that needs an eerie orchestral score to build the tension?  He’s got you covered.  Even if you want to take someone on a journey to another country or place in time, Anthony Bellotti can make music to match it.  If you’re wondering what Japanese folk fused with hip hop sounds like, or maybe a mix of medieval instruments and futuristic synthesizers, just go on over to the Demo page and have a listen.

Anthony will also make music custom for you.  Just give a holler on the contacts page!

Audio Engineer

Anthony Bellotti - Composer - Audio Engineer - Sound Designer

The art of audio engineering is a deep and complex realm.  Anthony Bellotti has been fortunate enough to work with various aspects and levels of this art form.  From SSL 4000 G’s and API Pre’s to small Mackie mixers running into an M-Box, Anthony can get the sounds you want with the gear you have.  His skills in Pro Tools only add to the efficiency and quality of his work.

Also, If you are in need of recording resources, Anthony utilizes a Universal Audio 710, single channel pre amp and a Nuemann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone to allow for top notch recording sounds at a home studio rate.  This is the perfect setup for laying down voiceovers, vocals, overdubs of any nature, as well as anything else for which you would need a high quality signal chain.

Anthony Bellotti has recorded numerous artists in numerous genres, from A’Capella to Metal Core to Synth Pop.  If you need someone to turn the knobs and slide the faders for your next project don’t hesitate to contact him!

Sound Designer

Anthony Bellotti - Sound Designer

Anthony Bellotti’s experience and passion for sound design goes back several years now.  He has worked on radio commercials, independent films, corporate videos and video games for various companies, including: Bad Animals Seattle, Audio Post Philadelphia and Drexel University’s College of Media Arts and Design.
Whether you need a drone to build suspense, or a boom to complement a hover bike crashing into a watermelon cart, he can deliver.  It takes a creative ear with technical understanding to do true sound design and Anthony keeps that in mind while working to deliver the highest quality work he can.  He has immense experience in navigating Pro Tools and various sound effects databases such as Sound Miner and M-Soft, making the whole process even smoother.
To hear some examples of his sound design experience just hop over to the Demos page and check out his Post Production Demo Reel Video.  Keep him in mind when you need quality sound design for your film, animation, video game, or child’s birthday party!