Anthony Bellotti started on his path to audio production at a young age.  From piano and trumpet lessons in grade school, to rock bands in high school he developed an intense passion for all things music.  Then, when time came for college, Anthony picked up from Seattle and moved to Philadelphia where he attended Drexel University, majoring in Music Industry Technology.

Anthony Bellotti - Audio Engineer - Sound Designer - Composer

There under the tutelage of experienced, industry professionals he gained skills and training in everything from audio engineering to formal composition.  Anthony worked with various bands and musicians, recording EP’s and demos while honing his skills as both an engineer and a producer.  After acquiring some music production software of his own, Anthony began to create music from home.  Experimenting with a multitude of styles and genres made him versatile as a composer, and well rounded as a musician.
Anthony Bellotti - Audio Engineer - Sound Designer - Composer

Anthony began to specialize though, and found sound design and post production as main focuses.  He interned at Audio Post Philadelphia and Bad Animals Studios in Seattle.  During these internships he did sound design, voice editing, and Foley engineering for projects ranging from radio spots to independent films (see demo reels for further examples).
Now that Anthony has completed his formal education he resides in Seattle once again where he produces his own music for use in production libraries online.  He also does freelance sound design and mixing from his home studio.