Anthony Bellotti - Composer - Audio Engineer - Sound Designer

Anthony Bellotti - Composer - Audio Engineer - Sound Designer


Some of Anthony Bellotti’s Recent Works:

  • Engineered and mixed for Seattle rappers: Knowmads, Language Arts, Real Rogers, and Tai Loon
  • Composer, producer, and mixer for world music, production album- “Global Mix”
  • Composer for Drexel graduate, Chris Arney’s film- “Creative Types”
  • Writer of two DUTV Programs’ Theme Songs- “Off Campus” and “Style TV”
  • Composer for Drexel graduate, Andrea Giletti’s film- “No Habla Espanol”
  • Foley engineer and editor on the independent films- “Tex: The Vampire Hunter” and “The Right To Bear Arms”
  • Sound designer and mixer for Drexel graduate, Ronnie Naples’ films- “Places Like These” and “Tupperware Party”
  • Engineer and co-producer for the male a’capella group, 8 To The Bar
  • Assistant sound designer and Foley editor on the film, “Return to Sleepaway Camp”
  • Sound designer on radio spots for Pennsylvania State Parks and the Votes Pennsylvania  Campaign



The Knowmads album I worked on just dropped! It is killing the iTunes charts, check it out!



Here’s An Episode of Off Campus, for which I wrote the Theme Song

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